1991 Spring Point, South Portland, Maine

Spring Point, South Portland, Maine from the winter of 1991. I remember freezing my fingers off on this 8 x 10. It took an inordinate amount of time:

Spring Point, oil on linen, 1991

Landscape drawing in Acadia this weekend with ArtWaves

Visit: https://www.artwavesmdi.org/new-products/landscape-drawing-workshop1 for information about my FREE weekend drawing workshop in Acadia for members of ArtWaves MDI, out community Arts Center. We’ll be visiting a variety of my favorite drawing sites in the park and talking about the theory and practice of drawing the landscape from direct observation.


First layers, sustained landscape painting, en plein aire

Two sessions so far. Starting to refine the value structure in the fore and mid-ground: Working directly from the motif at Hunter’s Cliffs, Seal Harbor, Acadia NP, 18 x 18 inches

This morning, Little Hunter’s Beach, ANP

Little Hunter’s Acadia NP

This morning, Little Hunter’s Beach, ANP. I was out early and enjoyed some quiet hours on the beach sketching. Despite heavy summer traffic, Acadia can still deliver moments of sublime beauty.