Crow profile

I’ve worked up this drawing and hope to move it onto a canvas over the next few days. The weather looks looks it might be good for working outside, so that may take precedence.

About the crows:  Years ago, I experienced my first, very severe bout of insomnia. At this time. during June, Crows would gather just outside our bedroom window at the first hint of daylight, a bit past 3 AM. Sleepless nights stretched on. The predawn crow calls shook me loose from the delicate grasp of sleep. I developed a spiteful disregard for the crows. I became familiar with them, observing. The crows captured my attention and later, I did come to regard them kindly. I started feeding them on Christmas day, 2003. My initial offering to the crows; a Subway sandwich. BLT with cheese. They ate everything, except for the tomatoes.

Detail of Crow Study, 16 x 20 inches total, graphite and conte on canson, click to enlarge.

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