Early Paintings

02/12/2015 — I have added a few more paintings..

If you know where any of these paintings are today,  please drop me a note.  Paintings, they never write, they never call…

These images date from 1984 to roughly 2004.

5 thoughts on “Early Paintings

  1. That is quite some progression there, Rob. A pleasure to see.
    And I ask myself every day: how did I get here?

  2. Greetings Rob,
    My son and daughter-in-law (Your neighbors Sam and Kathryn ) are visiting me in Vermont and showed me your work since I am a fan of beautiful painting. Certainly your work more than fulfills that objective. I wondered about your palette. It seems very simple, with earth tones and glazes emphasized. What magicians skilled painters are. Anyway thank you for allowing us a peek behind the curtains.


  3. Hi Richard-
    Thanks for your very charitable words.
    The palette that I use has remained relatively constant through the years:
    Titanium white
    cadmium yellow light
    cadmium red deep
    ultramarine blue light
    cobalt blue
    green earth
    raw umber
    ivory black
    occasionally I add a violet, usually permanent violet red.
    I’ve played around with a limited palette of white, cad yellow medium, perm. violet red, cad red deep, cobalt blue and ivory black. This seems to be a good distribution of hues and it sure simplifies setting up…

  4. of course i think you know, I have #2, the skiff. I also have your sugar refinery, dune, and a self-portrait from Penn days. Perhaps you’d like that one back sometime?

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