McCauley Conner


I was looking at some illustration articles on the web and came across a reference to the McCauley Conner Exhibition  at the Museum of the City of New York, which ended 1/11/15.

I met Mr. Conner in 1984 while attending the Skowhegan school. It was the big weekend when the board of governors show up, have a meeting and poke around in the students’ studios. I got the word from the late Susan Shatter, a member of the board, that Mr. Connor was interested in one of my paintings. Susan made introductions and helped me navigate the uncharted waters of selling a painting. Mr. & Mrs. Connor were exceptionally kind people.

As illustration plays a more significant role in my work, I get a charge out of knowing that a very early Pollien is in the collection of a man who “…helped to redefine American style and culture.”


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