July Ledge, near Great Head




July Ledge, oil on linen, 11 x 12 in.

Today I finished up this oil study of a site out near Great Head in Acadia. I like the view and will proceed with a more detailed pencil drawing and perhaps a larger oil painting. I’ve worked larger out on this site before but always run into problems as the perch is somewhat cramped and uneven.

Back to Basics, work in progress

Ledge, Work in Progress 12 x 13 in. oil on linen

Ledge, Work in Progress 12 x 13 in. oil on linen

This was a perfect morning to be out painting on Frenchman Bay. I need another 90 minutes to bang in the  water and foreground but I wanted to tackle those two areas with a fresh set of eyes. I’ve been doing tons of pencil drawings rather than oil paintings. out on location. It feels great to be settling into oil paint again.

…with my full capabilities

Express_yourself3As promised, here’s a better photo of the current crow. I am finishing it up presently. I have sooooooo many paintings and drawings currently in various stages of completion. Two shows in August. Finishing up…