Winter Painting 12/29

llp2I worked today for a bit on Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor. Although there was little wind, the cloudy weather was chilling. Temps were in the mid twenties. More snow is on the way so it’s time to find my stash of chemical toe and hand warmers…

Sand Beach, right side, Update

This drawing has gone through many changes as I’ve settled into the site and made some adjustments. The drawing looks rough but feels solid to me as I work toward doing more well-knit drawings.

Sand Beach, Right Side, low tide, 18 x 12 inches, Work in progress




Sand Beach, Low Tide study, pencil on Canson, 12 x 18 inches

Sand Beach Study, November, Low Tide, 12 x 18 inches, pencil & chalk on Canson

Several sessions went into this drawing. With the shorter, colder days,my drawing sessions tend to be brief during the winter months.

My next step with this drawing is to enlarge it using a grid. I’ll transfer it onto a 2 x 3 foot piece of drawing paper and then to a 2 x 3 foot wooden panel for the final painting. That’s the plan.

Note: the image is a tad dark. Ran out of photons, it’s December…

Updated 12/3/02: new image, taken during a brief encounter with daylight.