Hunter’s Cliff, day 3, work in progress…


Hunter’s Cliff, work in progress, 18 x 12 inches, pencil & conte

This drawing has been started twice. Now I am three days into the second piece, about six hours work. Today was a nice day for working out on site. Fall. The sky was clear. I saw not another soul..

Rising tide, Little Hunter’s Beach

Rising tide, Little Hunter’s Beach.
12 x 18 inches, graphite & Conté

Rising tide, Little Hunter’s Beach. The past few mornings… a re-boot of a very promising drawing that had taken quite a bad turn.
12 x 18, graphite & Conté, Acadia National Park

Otter Point

Otter Point, Graphite and Conté on Canson, 12 x 18 inches

Not all that much changed during the final session of this drawing but I thought I’d post an image of its final state. As I work out on the point I begin to see many possibilities for future paintings out there.

Otter Point, day 2

Work proceeds. Hurricanes in the Atlantic are churning up a bit of surf. I’ve got my next drawing scoped out with a nice bit of shore break.

Otter Point Study, pencil with pastel, work in progress, 12 x 18 inches