Crow Study

Crow Study, Watercolor on toned Canson paper, about 4 inches square.

Watercolor? I have not had much experience in this medium although I think it holds promise. It’s fun, being more than thirty years into the study, to discover aqueous media.

Pencil Drawing, from direct observation:

Graphite and Conte on paper

I have a couple working sessions, about 4 hours, into this drawing. It’s a site that I’ve enjoyed working in the past although in the high summer season, painting out near Great Head requires an early start or a lengthy hike in. Parking….
I recall the winter months fondly.

Drawing, near Schooner Head, WIP

Drawing, in progress 12 x 18 inches

Two days into it, about 4 hours of drawing so far, probably 1 more day to go. Had to backtrack a bit and do some head scratching. Progress is not rapid on this one…