Crow profile

I’ve worked up this drawing and hope to move it onto a canvas over the next few days. The weather looks looks it might be good for working outside, so that may take precedence.

About the crows:  Years ago, I experienced my first, very severe bout of insomnia. At this time. during June, Crows would gather just outside our bedroom window at the first hint of daylight, a bit past 3 AM. Sleepless nights stretched on. The predawn crow calls shook me loose from the delicate grasp of sleep. I developed a spiteful disregard for the crows. I became familiar with them, observing. The crows captured my attention and later, I did come to regard them kindly. I started feeding them on Christmas day, 2003. My initial offering to the crows; a Subway sandwich. BLT with cheese. They ate everything, except for the tomatoes.

Detail of Crow Study, 16 x 20 inches total, graphite and conte on canson, click to enlarge.

Britta Konau calls me, “a deeply self-reflective and utterly serious artist. ” For realz!

Britta Konau offers cogent and thoughtful commentary about my current paintings at Dowling Walsh :

Ishizuki Spruce, oil on linen, 12 x 19 inches, 2012

“These paintings introduce us to a kind of beauty that goes far beyond what is visible to the eye.”

Evening, Sand Beach

I was heading toward the studio this evening but took a detour and went out to Sand Beach and did some drawing instead. It was a beautiful evening, really fine. It’s hard to believe but I was out drawing the landscape at 9 PM. Visibility was good, not too many bugs, not crowded andit was in the upper 70’s. Summer in Maine. I get it.

Sand Beach, Evening, Graphite on paper, 8.5 x 11 inches

New Study, Rock near Schooner Head

Pencil Study, graphite on paper

This is the start of what I hope to work up into a large painting. Next comes a more detailed drawing on toned paper. This is small, about 11 x 14 inches, in graphite. About 2 hours work.

Drawing an unskilled model…

a very bad model.

This gentleman was unfortunately not very skilled at holding a pose and seemed bored and generally out of it. It made drawing quite a challenge but we persevered. A dull, disinterested expression makes for tough drawing. Modelling is difficult. The good models can really elevate your drawing game. This guy? Not so much.

graphite on canson with conte

Newport Cove, Pencil study

Newport Cove, pencil on toned Canson paper with conte highlights.

I hustled out there this morning to be able to get some drawing done before the rain and to catch the high tide. After finishing up I headed to another drawing site but raindrops were already appearing on my windshield.

This one is done with a Prismacolor ebony pencil, sharpened with bad intent.