Near Otter Point, wolff’s carbon pencil, Canson paper

Near Otter Cliff, pencil, 9 x 18 inches

First session, about 2 hours. To be continued…  This is one of my favorite painting spots. I’m thinking about low tide also, when the ledge trails off into the water in a very gradual and stately manner.

Sand Beach Pencil, work in progress

Sand Beach, Graphite Pencil on Canson paper approx. 20 in. wide

Updated, 5-15-12

I’ve taken a couple of shots of my current drawing in different stages of completion.
I’ve been getting out to the beach at 8 AM to enjoy the great morning light and a relatively uncrowded shoreline. Gone are the days that I could paint on the beach for several hours in solitude.

The drawing will be used to help work up a large ( for me ) piece.  I plan to copy it onto a 24 x 36 inch canvas with the aid of a grid.

Figure Drawing 5/5/12

Ellen, pencil, 20 minutes

After a long absence due to other commitments, I returned today to Saturday morning Figure Drawing at Waterfall Arts. I was rusty but eager to get to drawing. On my to to list: figure drawing here on the island this summer.

Ishizuki, Spruce- oil on linen

Ishizuki Spruce, oil on linen, 12 x 19 inches, 2012

A relatively quick painting for me. Soon. I’ll head back to this site with my drawing rig to make a careful study in pencil. In the past, I’ve neglected making pencil studies but I am now convinced that on-site drawings are wildly informative.

Pencil Study, Sand Beach, ANP

Sand Beach, Acadia, pencil, 6x6 inches

Yesterday was a raw day for drawing out on the shoreline. Despite the less than spectacular weather, the park was relatively busy. Soon, I’ll have to abandon my favorites until late in the fall.

Edit: Uploaded a nicer image.