Road Trip!

Today I wandered down to the Portland Museum of Art to view Rackstraw Downes’ sublime works.
Seeing this exhibition filled me with admiration for Downes’ straightforward approach.
Go see this show.
The MacArthur Foundation “genius” award? Exactly.

Rackstraw Downes: Onsite Paintings, 1972-2008
December 16, 2010 – March 20, 2011

Winter Painting, near Great Head, ANP

My painting kit

I have been painting out near great head on the shore of Frenchman Bay. This morning was windy with 20 degree temps, feeling colder due to a stiff northwest breeze. The light was great and the snow seems to be sticking around nicely. I started this piece a week ago while being photographed and interviewed for a newspaper article. Nothing is more conducive to getting work done than being under the watchful eye of the fourth estate. Last week it was a balmy 40 degrees and I was able to paint in my shirtsleeves. Today I used a chemical heat-pack stuffed into my fingerless glove and bundled up against the breeze. With any luck, I’ll get this piece finished before the story goes to press next week…

Melinda Rice, News Editor, Mount Desert Islander

Blog stats

It’s interesting to read the search terms that bring visitors to my website. “struggling Maine artist” was one that popped up today. I am somewhat chagrined to note that this humble website came up as the second link in the Google results. Struggling?

The struggling Maine artist.