Little Long Pond, Winter

A new piece or rather a re-working of a favorite painting site that had given me some difficulties.  This is on the Rockefeller estate in Seal Harbor, Maine. The Rockefeller family allows public access and dogs are permitted to run off the leash.

Little Long Pond, Winter, 10 x 15 inches, oil on linen

Here’s a Church painting of the same locale from 1851:

Lake Scene in Mount Desert, F. E. Church, 1851

Archive: Skowhegan Tractor

A foot of snow is coming down outside, promising good painting in the coming days. Meanwhile, a blast from the bygone student days. This painting was somewhat controversial when I produced it at Skowhegan in the summer of 1984. It was generally held up as an example of bad, reactionary, low-concept art. Guilty as charged, I guess.

Skowhegan tractor, oil on linen, 14 x 14

Before the storm

December, Mount Desert Island

I painted in the park today.  Temperature was struggling to stay above 20 degrees F. It was pretty nasty. A large storm is moving in with blizzard conditions. This should make for some fine landscape painting once it has cleared out.

Newport Cove, low tide

It’s too cold for outdoor work today.  Below is the my painting from Newport Cove (Sand Beach). It is a fine painting spot, especially in December when there aren’t many visitors. I’ve started another at high tide and am looking forward to working more in this area.

Newport Cove, oil on panel, 14 x 14 inches, December 2010

Cold. Beach Weather!

Newport Cove 12 09 2010

Painting today was a bit cold– mid twenties with a light breeze.

In the interest of streamlining my work process, I’ve pared down my palette to six colors.

White, cad. yellow medium, permanent violet red, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and ivory black.  This makes mixing a very straightforward undertaking.

Six colors. Simple, no?