I painted out on Babson Creek this morning.

“The salt marsh bordering the creek is relatively undisturbed by past land use and comprises one of the largest and most diverse salt marshes in conservation ownership on Mount Desert Island. The preserve’s open fields afford long views across the wetlands to the mountains beyond.”
Maine Coast Heritage Trust

set·up Pronunciation: \ˈset-ˌəp\

Function: noun

Date: 1890

the assembly and arrangement of the tools and apparatus required for the  performance of an operation…

best. coat. ever.

Amy picked up a Woolrich Mackinaw hunting coat on sale. This jacket is a beast. I was contemplating a high tech parka but for painting outside in Maine winters, this jacket works very well. My only minor complaint; extremely heavy.

This is a fine coat for winter painting.

Snow, South Wall

A consistent, steady light snow fell today as I worked.

I have pretty much abandoned an earlier stab at this view. Re-starting today on a bigger canvas with a more deliberate, orderly execution. Some photographs from today’s site:

Gloves, Wind pants. a couple of hats… Temps around 26 F.