Painting Demo, 12/10/2015


The Rule of Three:

OK, Generally we are dividing the picture plane up into three cases:


Case 1: Direct Light

Case 2: Turning surface

Case 3: Shadow

This is only a rough way of translating the light as it falls on your study set-up but it’s a great way to explore the expressive potential of painting within simplifying restrictions:1 2 3 4

Re-vision, revision. (work in progress)

Spring_TideA small study that is in progress, showing my current  approach.

I am playing around with a very limited palette again. 3 colors and white. I first kicked ivory black to the curb and continued to pare down. (OK, not really 3. I use yellow ochre, as well as Cad. yellow and also throw in a second blue, when needed. So, 5, really.)

Painting from drawing study:

Working from ad drawing

Working from ad drawing

I’m interested in making paintings based on drawings done on-site, from direct observation. I’ve been looking at Rockwell and Leyendecker, thinking about their methods for using drawing to provide strong, clear structure to the final painting.

Crow’s eye view:

Crow_tableThis is a shot from the table just outside my studio,where I feed (and photograph) the local band of crows. You can see the motion activated Bird-Cam just beyond the cheesy-poofs and puppy chow. There’s a solar panel that powers the camera but with the days so short lately, it generally runs on batteries .