Tonal study, paper bag demo, oil on paper

Paper bag study, oil on paper

Paper bag study, oil on paper

Fundamentals of Painting, Problem I

A new session of my painting class is under way.

At first glance this looks like the old fave, tonal wash paper bag study problem and in fact it is although with a very interesting refinement.
Start with a medium value all over your page. Use a 2″ brush. Get it even. Then without any measuring, sketching, mapping, outlining or drawing of any sort, start modelling the form as directly as you can manage. It’s like working with clay, just push and pull the forms into a rough structure then work to refine the light, push and pull the space.
Drop-ins welcome on Tuesday nights. Let’s paint.


Painting Demo, 12/10/2015


The Rule of Three:

OK, Generally we are dividing the picture plane up into three cases:


Case 1: Direct Light

Case 2: Turning surface

Case 3: Shadow

This is only a rough way of translating the light as it falls on your study set-up but it’s a great way to explore the expressive potential of painting within simplifying restrictions:1 2 3 4

Re-vision, revision. (work in progress)

Spring_TideA small study that is in progress, showing my current  approach.

I am playing around with a very limited palette again. 3 colors and white. I first kicked ivory black to the curb and continued to pare down. (OK, not really 3. I use yellow ochre, as well as Cad. yellow and also throw in a second blue, when needed. So, 5, really.)

Painting from drawing study:

Working from ad drawing

Working from ad drawing

I’m interested in making paintings based on drawings done on-site, from direct observation. I’ve been looking at Rockwell and Leyendecker, thinking about their methods for using drawing to provide strong, clear structure to the final painting.