July 5, First Friday in Rockland

Friday, July 5, First Friday in Rockland. So much good art to see; Slab City at the Farnsworth, a cool Wyeth or two, Lois Dodd at the Caldbeck (OMG Lois Dodd!!) Welliver at Dowling Walsh, Rob Pollien at the DWG, SUMMER EXHIBITIONS OPENING at CMCA. The Rockland First Friday Artwalk takes place between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Make it a Maine
art night.

Rocky Mountain Cedar

Rocky Mountain cedar (Juniperus scopulorum ), Cypress Family (Cupressaceae) on the easel. 
I asked someone out in Wyoming if the tree in question was a juniper, a cypress or a cedar. Unsure, they checked for me and sure enough, the answer that came back was, “yes.” 🤔

Juniper #brushcreekarts